Breakfast (8:30~10:00) The cafe opens from 8:30 to 21:30

《UGAYA’s CHA-GAYU ~produced by Nobuchika》

This delightful tea-porridge includes diced sweet potatoes, mineral water and special organic tea, such as Yamato-Cha. CHA-GAYU is one of the traditional foods in the ancient city of NARA. People in Nara started eating CHA-GAYU about 400 years ago. This is quite a simple dish made of rice, water and tea, such as the roasted tea called Hoji-cha. It’s popular as a breakfast in Nara or when people don’t have much of an appetite (for example, after drinking Sake or when ill.) because it’s soft and easy to dijest.
*Yamato-Cha is also one of the specialties in Nara.
* If you are interested in CHA-GAYU, please let us know the day before.

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Tea-Porridge: Cha-Gayu ・・・\400
It comes with TSUKEMONO(Japanese Pickles)